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Buyer Protection Plan

The best guarantees in the business, on any table

BEST VALUE: We absolutely guarantee that every pool table represents the best real value for your money. We buy for quality and value. Every piece is worth every penny that you pay for it.

LOWEST PRICE: Within 30 days and 300 square miles, if you find any legitimate dealer offering the same pool table to the general public for a lower price, or if we offer it for a lower price, we will gladly refund the difference. Tie starts when you take your table, and the rules are clearly posted right next to the cash register.

TABLE MAINTENANCE LESSONS: Advice is always free at the store. Additionally, you will receive a discount coupon of a service call to your home, where a technician can give you an individual lesson on cloth and table care.

BILLIARD LESSONS: Advice is always free at the store, and in the case of how to play, that’s still over-priced! However, we have arranged for special discounted lessons with local pool instructors if you wish. Details are in a coupon you will receive with your table.

RELEVELLING GUARANTEE: Frankly, it shouldn’t be possible for your table to go out of level by itself, and most of the time that people feel the table has gone out of level in the first two months, the reason really was improper cloth maintenance. Be that as it may, if you use an installer that we scheduled for you, we will give you a coupon for a FREE or discounted service call within 60 days of installation to check or re-level your table, or brush out your cloth.

CUE HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Not sure which cues to use? Choose anything at random and for a month. If you wish you had chosen something else, bring them back and trade them at up to 100% of any other cues that we carry: Same cues but different weights or lengths, or even totally different cues. If you choose something more expensive, just pay us the difference. And if those don’t work out, we’ll let you trade one more time the following month.

CLOTH HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Not sure which cloth to use? Choose any of them, and try it out for up to two months. If you don’t like the color, you don’t like the play, you just don’t like two-month-old cloth, trade it in for another. We’ll give you $100 credit towards the regular price of whichever cloth you want to try next.

FREE ACCESSORY ASSEMBLY: Any accessories (chairs, tables, lights, game tables, ping pong tables, bars, cue racks, etc.) purchased with your table will be assembled by us before they leave the store with no labor charge if you wish.

FREE RELOCATION: Not sure where to put the table in your room? Want to use it while you finish carpeting the floor? We’ll pay for an installer to go back to move your table as long as it’s in the same room, it moves within six months of purchase, we can hire the installer, and you hired an installer that we approved for the original installation. Standard mileage fees will be charged outside our normal area.

VIP DISCOUNTS: At the time you purchase your table, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a complete accessory package at roughly 50% our regular prices. Additionally, we’ll be happy to create a package deal for you, with special VIP discounts (5% to 20%) on related items that you purchase with your table. Details are printed on the table price signs, and we’ll be happy to explain them.

100% TRADE-IN: Not sure which table to choose? Pick one at random! Use it for two months. If you don’t like it for any reason—it’s too small, it’s too big, it doesn’t match the wallpaper—bring it back. We’ll trade it at up to 100% of what you paid for any table that we carry. If you choose a more expensive one, just pay us the difference.


“I did experience a problem with one pool cue shortly after I purchased the table but when I returned to your store, your staff took care of the problem immediately and to my satisfaction.”
Marty“We have had the best time with our pool table, we just love it. We want to thank you for good fast service.”