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Can you let your grandchildren use your new hot tub?

Hot tubs from Seasonal StoresWhen the grandchildren are over for a visit you want to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. One of the attractions for them will undoubtedly be your new hot tub or spa. Also, you may have taken them on a great vacation to a beloved resort that is fully equipped with hot tubs and spas. So, as a responsible grandparent, what should you do?

  • The main challenge with children is that their smaller bodies can’t disperse and scatter the heat away from themselves like adults can. Because of this, babies and preschooler’s, should not be allowed into a hot tub because the threat of dehydration and over heating will always be there despite anyone’s best efforts to prevent it.
  • While many hot tubs are set for a temperature of 104 degrees, if you are looking to supervise older children it is best to reset it to 102 degrees. The older children can enjoy the hot tub but for only very brief periods even at the safer temperature.
  • Depending, of course, on the age of your grandchildren, recommended times in the hot tub can be anywhere from five to twenty minutes. Of course, the children should never be in a hot tub alone and it is critical to have a cover that locks. Drowning is something that can happen in a mere instant.
  • Many newer hot tubs come with two outlets for each of the pumps which can greatly help with the suction challenge. Because of the suction, hair should always be tied up and away to prevent it from become sucked into the drain.
  • Finally, you should always know where your cut off switch is in case of an emergency. Hot tubs are great fun and relaxation for the entire family especially when you are safety conscious.