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Does algae keep coming back to haunt you?

Pool with AlgaeIf there is one challenge faced by every swimming pool owner, it is the challenge of algae. This challenge becomes additionally acute if the algae keeps on returning after you thought you had rid yourself of it.

  • This can often occur when your water circulation quality is poor or is not being directed properly. Algae can congregate outside of the swimming pool itself and work its way back into your water. Every possible part of your swimming pool facility must be thoroughly cleaned for algae if you are to have a chance of    effectively keeping it away for the summer months.
  • One notorious example of outside algae is mustard algae which is yellow and can
    survive outside of a water environment for quite a long time; even over the
    winter. Another difficult algae is black algae, which is actually not an algae at all;
    but a cyano bacteria. Both of these are best treated with an unusual algaecide.
    Talk to your local pool dealer for more information.
  • Dead spots with regard to your water circulation cause the water to simply stand
    still so that your algae treatments are not reaching certain areas of your pool.
    Returns should always be pointed so that all of the pool water gets into the filter.
    If the bottom and lower sections of your pool walls are not getting properly
    circulated water, the algae will have a perfect breeding ground. Make an effort to
    set your returns so that they are facing in a more downward direction. This will
    help ensure that your swimming pool water is being properly circulated and your
    algaecide gets a chance to work everywhere.
  • Finally, your automatic cleaner can help restore a proper circulation to your water.
    In addition, there is nothing like a swimming pool full of active and excited kids
    to stir up the water and get it circulating to just about every corner of the pool so
    as to get the algaecide properly moving around and doing its job.