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Is your bar fully equipped with these must have tools?

alcohol splash in martini glass on black backgroundPlaying the perfect host or hostess requires planning and, of course, the right tools. Your bar can be a gathering place for friends and family so ensure a great time by all by having on hand some of these must have tools that will make any bar, and bartender, shine.

  • For the creative of bartenders, a shaker is a must have tool. Basically there are two different types of bar shakers available. There is the traditional shaker which is metal with a tight fitting top and internal strainer and there is the Boston shaker. The Boston shaker includes a 16 ounce glass that can serve multiple purposes. The Boston shaker will require that you use a separate strainer and this shaker tends to be used by the more professional among us entertainers.
  • A Hawthorne strainer is, perhaps, your second most versatile tool around your bar. A strainer is a must have for any drinks you will prepare that need to be shaken and served over fresh ice. The strainer helps to keep away the crushed ice as well as any solid residue you don’t want ending up in the drink. The unique design allows the bartender to work using just one hand and is an essential ingredient to any bar toolbox.
  • A handy measuring tool for your drinks will be your jigger. It has two cones for easy measuring if your not experienced enough to be able to measure from repeated experience. The bigger cone can usually hold up to an ounce and a half while its smaller cousin can, generally, hold as much as one ounce.
  • A great bar spoon is, of course, a must for any well equipped bar. Its long handle has some twists in the middle of the shaft as well as several holes in the spoon portion itself. There is no more versatile a tool for any bartender. Any drink you serve will be better prepared with your handy bar spoon.
  • Finally, no bar can be complete without a blender and a juicer as well as a few speed pourers. The speed pourer will be vital if you are throwing a large party or gathering as it enables you to mix and serve is nearly half the time it would normally take to pour. In addition, don’t forget a sturdy cutting board and sharpened paring knife for those lemon and lime lovers.