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Time to Crank Up the Summer Backyard Parties

It is that time of the year again – summer. It is a time when we gather with family and friends to enjoy the pleasures of a backyard summer from the pool, to the spacious patio furniture, to firing up the grill. Planning that perfect backyard party does not need to be a stress filled situation. You just need to get organized and keep some successful strategies in mind.

  • Getting it started means starting with the very basics. Will you just be hosting out in the backyard? Will you allow people to go into your home? What about bathroom facilities? With a large crowd, you may want to consider getting some portable toilets for outside to take the pressure off your indoor bathrooms.
  • If you have no objections to people going in and out of your house, just close the doors to rooms you don’t want anyone wandering in to. Also, what about smoking? Are you going to have children there? What about the trash?
  • Ok, the nitty-gritty basics have been covered so it’s time to plan what the menu will be. People will expect you to fire up the grill. Children, of course, are just fine with a hot dog or two but what about your adult guests? Burgers and chicken can be the most budget wise but you may want to get creative. Asking your guests to create a dish to bring will certainly help and will present a tremendous variety for everyone to choose from.
  • Don’t ignore the weather. Hopefully you checked the weather reports earlier in the week. Shade and cover from the rain is important so include a small tent or two especially atop your patio furniture and other seating areas. Should your affair begin to wander into the evening, don’t forget the mosquito repellent or tiki torches.

The perfect backyard summer party just takes a little organization. It really is all about just gathering with family and friends around the pool and the grill.