Lowest Prices Guaranteed | Seasonal Stores

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

We always offer the lowest prices and best values in the area. We will meet or beat the prices of any competitor within 30 days and 300 square miles of our store. If you have already made your purchase from us, we will refund the difference. Even if we are the ones who put your product on sale for a lower price than you paid, you can also request a credit or refund. This policy does not apply to clearance merchandise.

Since we extend this guarantee from when you first make your purchase (say with a small deposit), until 30 days after you take your product, you can make the best use of this policy by purchasing as long as possible before you need it. An example: you buy a pool this summer, and take it next summer. You’ve been covered by price protection until 30 days after you pick it up. That’s a full year; if the price went down here, or at a competitor, you were covered! If you had waited until this summer to buy it and take it, you only had a month. There’s nothing to gain by waiting until the last minute.




  1. Proof of a competitor’s price must be in writing (advertisement, sales proposal, etc.) or we must be able to verify on the phone.
  2. We must be able to verify a legitimate offer to sell an in-stock product of the exact same style, color, model and manufacturer.
  3. Our standard refund policy (see the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” page) will apply in timing, the form of your refund, and any other exceptions.
  4. Time starts when you first put a deposit (or pay in full) and continues until 30 days after you receive your product.