Hot Tub and Spa Covers

Your replacement hot tub cover is being built by a manufacturer who has over 25 years of service and dedication to the spa industry. Sunstar meets the safety standard for pool and spa covers and have also been independently tested and are UL Certified. They offer a 3 year non-prorated warranty against both materials and workmanship.

If colors are your thing… Check out the colors we have to match your backyard or indoor décor.

Bring in your dimensions, and if possible, the brand and model name of your hot tub. We can show you all the options, and give you a price right on the spot.

For dimensions, we need the exact size of the cover: Length, width, height of the flap (if any) and shape of the corners. If you do not know how to figure the radius of a curved corner, trace a corner of your old cover on a piece of paper, and we’ll fax that to the factory. Also, how many hold-down straps will you need? For a better idea, look at the order form that we need to fill out in order to make your cover for you. We will be happy to fill it out with you here at the store.

Be sure and ask us about the upgrades available to make your cover even more energy efficient:

2# Upgrade
For a minimal upcharge you can add to the insulating factor of your cover with 2# foam – a great option with today’s energy costs.

Marquis Specifications
A great combination of energy efficient upgrades, with a thicker cover tapering from 4” to 2 ½ “ , a full length heat seal gasket to save heat and prevent moisture loss, and 2# foam for better insulation.

Atlas Cover

The Atlas Cover takes the strength of the Dura Foam, tapers the foam 5″ to 4″, strengthens the hinge with galvanized steel and adds a full length heat seal for an even stronger heat seal. Because this cover can hold 1,000 lbs of static weight, this cover is recommended for areas with harsh winter climates.Spa Order Form



17 Quality Points of Sunstar Covers

1. UL Classified
2. Full 3 Year Warranty
3. Marine Grade Vinyl

Treated with mildew and UV inhibitors for year-round beauty.
4. Vapor Lock Seal with Antaeus 2000™
State-of-the-art equipment is used to heat seal cores with Antaeus 2000. A scientifically formulated plastic developed exclusively for Sunstar to inhibit moisture absorption.
5. Twenty-Eight Points of Internal Reinforcement
Every stress point is reinforced including the hinge, handles, straps, corners and skirts.
6. Tough ’N Sturdy Hinge
Four layers of vinyl add strength to this high stress area.
7. Super-Strength Padded Handles
Five layers of added strength were it’s most needed.
8. Premiere Skirt
An additional seal to keep heat in and dirt out.
9. Tie Down Straps
Triple-reinforced straps secure cover to spa or hot tub with locking fasteners.
10. Secure-Loc Fasteners
Lock with a key for extra safety.
11. Plastic Drain Grommet
Aids the release of moisture trapped under the vinyl. Will not corrode or scratch spa.
12. Double-Ply Poly-Laminate
Industrial grade vinyl with durable polyester fabric reinforcement. Mildew resistant.
13. Tapered Foam Core
Standard covers come with 3 1/2” – 2 1/2” taper to keep heat in and allow rain to run off.
14. Steel Reinforcement
Non-corrosive, strengthens center of Spa Top™
15. Commercial Grade Nylon Zipper and Protection Flap
Heavy-duty nylon zipper is corrosion resistant. Protective flap for easy replacement of core.
16. Hidden Zipper Pull Protection
Protects zipper pull. Adds quality finished appearance.
17. GHSG™ Super Heat Seal Gasket
A revolutionary insulating hinge seal that saves heat and prevents moisture loss. Critical to long-term Energy-savings.* Also protects bottom from abrasion.

*Payback on energy savings typically seen in less than 12 months, according to independent testing.

Also Available 

Replacement Foam Cores
Replacement Vinyl Encasements

Highest Quality, Energy-Saving Covers
for Every Spa and Hot Tub Made

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