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Internet Sales

We do not sell products from our store online, and we are rarely able to show our actual selling prices online.  Depending on the product, we may be able to give you a firm or approximate price on the phone or by mail, but in many cases we cannot.

Most of our products and services are very difficult to understand, maintain, or operate without professionally-trained local service and sales people available. Many of our vendors refuse to sell to dealers who will re-sell to consumers without offering superior local service.  Everything that we sell in the store is covered by our exclusive Lifetime Limited Labor Warranty.  Details are in the store, but you will never get anything like that online.

Many dealers across the country, particularly in smaller markets, have to work on larger profit margins than those of us in New England. Competition here is cutthroat. We have survived by selling in very large quantities and by constantly changing seasons and product mixes. There is no way that a full-time billiard dealer in Iowa or California could stay in business by charging prices as low as ours. It is just plain unfair to use our low prices to demand a lower price from them.

It is equally unfair for us to take our time and attention away from our own regular customers, already here in our store, so we can spend twenty minutes on the phone with someone who has no intention of ever visiting us, let alone actually buying something.

If you think you might be willing to come here if we have the items you are looking for, please call or email us right now and ask. We should be able to snail-mail prices to your home address. We can call you back with prices on almost everything, even though we do have a couple of vendors who don’t allow electronic quotes. We are comfortable with a hundred mile radius for pool tables and bars, seventy-five miles for patio furniture and hot tubs, and fifty miles for above ground pools. There are usually mileage charges for deliveries, installations and repairs more than 25 miles from here, but they are very reasonable charges. It’s really not much money and hardly ever happens anyway. We do have a more complete description of our local trading area on our Local Store page.

We do have plenty of customers farther away, so feel free to talk to a manager or buyer about making an exception. However, if you intend to buy locally where you live, please do your price shopping locally, too. In the long run, that is most fair for you and your local community.