July 22, 2017 | Seasonal Stores

July 22, 2017

►    Customer Feedback:  Paul T. of Chelmsford wrote, he didn’t remember who the technician was, but wanted us to know, “handled install while at work, kept in phone contact.”  “Handled the swap of original purchase as it was wrong.”  “Overall great!”  He gave us, eleven 10’s, two 9’s and two 8’s.

►    Advertising specials and promotions all continue from last week: Mid-Summer Clearance.

►   Events during the next couple of weeks:.

          July 22-23:  FREE Food. Add cookies & pastries to your FREE coffee and tea in the coffee shop.

►     Make Your Own Sundaes will run until Mid-August, or until we run out of money in the tip jar.  I am sorry we did not start earlier.

►   We want to know.  You are receiving a Seasonal Wrap Up poll, please fill it out.  What are we doing right?  What are we doing wrong?  What am I doing right or wrong?  I want everyone’s opinion.

Want to make it anonymous?  Fill out two of them.  Give me one with your name, and a second one without your name, if you wish.  Thanks.

►   The deadline has passed to reserve your space at the Safety Reward Party.  If you do want to go, and did not reply, leave me a note and I will try to get you in.  It’s a great time!

►     Laughter The Best Medicine – When a young woman came to our urgent-care clinic, I asked to see her insurance card and photo ID.  The insurance she had, but not her driver’s license.  “That’s OK, though,”  she said, pulling out her phone.

“I can show you my Instagram, if that helps.”