October 10, 2015 | Seasonal Stores

October 10, 2015

►    Customer Feedback: Customer Herb K., from Amherst, NH stated that his general shopping experience with us was Good. Did any of our team members do an unusually good job? “Allison – she was great. Love the stools. Thanks.” Sales help was rated Excellent. Operations people and communication were both rated Good. He would recommend us to a friend. What can we do to improve? “Cut prices.” What do we do really well? “Allison.”

►    Advertising, sales, specials, and promotions all continue from last week: “Hot Fall Sale”. This month’s color is purple.

►    Happy Birthday to Allison Thursday, October 13.

►    Thank you all for the sympathy card for Jeanne’s passing; which Stephanie just found in a pile of magazines.

►    There were 32 One-of-These Awards this month; six for customer service. Finalists were Joe (twice), Mia, Anne-Marie, and Allison. Owner’s Choice went to Allison, and the drawing was won by Tod.

►    Congratulations to Stephanie and Allison, who were recognized by Marquis with an Honor Student badge, for taking every University of Marquis class up to September 25th, and getting an A on every quiz. Only 15 people in the country received a badge.

►    We just received a letter from Legacy on a slight improvement in the construction of three tables. We corrected the signs.

►    Thank you for your input for the winter jobs list. It is now posted in the lunchroom and your managers have a copy. A bonus will be in next week’s paychecks, for those who contributed by October 5: Rose, Anne-Marie, Allison, Ann A., Kristine, Mia, Stephanie… and two males: Corey and Paul.

►    We made an item number (#4892) so you do not have to write “Start return policy next Memorial Day” for automatic pool cleaners. It’s in the register books.

►    Life in These United States, Reader’s Digest:

And one from abroad… My husband and I rented a cottage, and our son agreed to join us in a few days. I texted him to bring fuel for the fires, as the evenings were chilly. A few days later, we heard that a relative had died, and I texted our son with the funeral arrangements. Somehow, the messages got scrambled, resulting in his receiving the texts almost simultaneously – but in reverse order. They read, “Uncle’s funeral at crematorium 11:30 on Saturday” … “Bring logs for the fire.”