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A Quick Commercial

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Our August Clearance Sale is going on now.  Savings depend on how much we need to reduce inventories on particular items, so markdowns are neither uniform nor universal.  We have customers who expect that they can come here in September and buy what they want – so we can’t run out of everything!  Best buys this year:  Look for gas and solar heaters, particularly natural gas heaters.  Used and demo equipment, Pool Park display pools, cancelled special orders (why do we let people do that to us?) and perfectly good Pentair pumps, filters and tanks.  Pentair chose to start changing computer numbers and the colors of several items in April, without telling dealers.  Our goal is to pick a standard program for 2006 and unload everything that’s not in that color right now.  If you are close to needing a new filter, pump or tank, we may be able to save you lots of money.  For everything else, come in right away.  There are always bargains that we find in the warehouse once it gets empty at the end of July.

Coming this Fall– A new, expanded selection of bars and barstools.  Jeanne and Tom have been working since April to develop an entirely new and improved program.  New items will probably start in September, and we’ll probably be finished by November.

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