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New Patio Vendors

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Pride Family Brands

Pride furniture features high-end sophisticated, handcrafted, artisan quality, all aluminum furniture.  Each piece is individually made by highly skilled craftsmen featuring hand painted finishes, intricate castings and luxurious plush cushions. We feature vintage dining from their Madrid collection and contemporary seating from the Park Place collection.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

This manufacturer features 100% hand woven hammocks from Thailand.  Each hammock is individually made by skilled craftsman in amazing colors and patterns.  Remember Yellow Leaf’s motto:  The world could be a 100% better place if everyone spent 15 minutes a day in a hammock!

Warehouse 2120

Teak fishing boats, traded in by native fishermen on the Pacific island of Bali, and turned into bars, stools, wine storage, and more.  Dennis wrote about them in the April Seasonal News.

C.R. Plastics

Outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic (milk jugs & water bottles) is the anchor to this Canadian company’s success.  This environmentally friendly company takes unwanted plastic that is destined for a land fill and creates beautiful, long lasting furniture. Each piece is ergonomically designed, water proof and maintenance free! 

Oxford Garden

This vendor specializes in commercial grade outdoor furniture that can be used in residential settings.  We are showing dining and seating from the Travira collection that features Tekwood, a wood alternative made from polystyrene. Tekwood gives the look and feel of real teak without the maintenance. 

Troutman Chair

This “American Made” manufacturer from Troutman, NC has been making rocking chairs since 1924.  These beautifully hand crafted painted rockers are perfect for front porches and three season rooms.  They are made using Shaker construction, stainless steel hardware and feature a lifetime warranty. It is a proven fact that rocking in a rocking chair is not just relaxing, it’s therapeutic!

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