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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

We are very excited about several new products by Pentair that were just approved by our research and testing committee. They are not brand new to Pentair, but I wouldn’t use them until our Buying Group had used them in test stores.

Legend Automatic Pool Cleaners: pressure side cleaners similar to Polaris units that we currently carry for inground pools; with better warranties, better prices and/or better performance. And we’re not required to maintain any form of minimum retail price in order to maintain our authorized dealership. You win all around!

Superflo and Optiflo Pumps: exact dimensional replacements for Hayward Super Pumps and Hayward Power Flo pumps. The hose fittings will line up exactly, so if you have a hard-plumbed Hayward pump, you can now replace it with a Pentair without cutting any pipes. That means a better warranty and a lower price, plus better quality and the same performance.

IntelliChlor Salt-to-Chlorine Generators: The absolute highest quality in chlorine generators. Easy to use, easy to install, 10,000 operation hours of electrode life. That could be five to ten years depending on how long you keep your pool open. Computerized diagnostics (like in your car) so our technicians can easily test and repair it. Only $1099 ($879 during the April sale) and you’ll never buy chlorine again! And since it’s made by Pentair, we have the longest extended warranty in the country. Learn more about salt-to-chlorine generation below.

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