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New Products and Prices

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Once again, we dropped more prices than we raised in the pool department.  Solar covers are down a lot, mostly because of competition between vendors, and one of them made a mistake.  So don’t wait until next year:  they are made out of oil, it costs a fortune to ship them here from Chicago (you don’t fit very many on a tractor trailer) and that vendor is not going to make that mistake again!  We have a new generic 50 lb. jumbo tab bucket at only $127.98 during the April Sale, and we lowered the prices on almost all of our generic chemicals.

Aqua Pearl Perlite (the DE alternative) remained the same price, but the bag is 20% bigger!  That’s a big savings.

We stopped carrying gas grills ten years ago when manufacturing went to China.  Now, we’re back, with Napoleon professional quality grills that are made in the United States and Canada.  April sale prices are from $449.98 to $2,299.98, with lifetime warranties.  We also have Saffire ceramic Kamado-style grills and smokers with a lifetime warranty.  They are the best-made, easiest-to-use Kamado cooker made, at the same prices as the cheap ones:  like full-size grills starting at only $849.98 on April sale.

We have several new robotic automatic pool cleaners from Aqua Products and Maytronics with exceptionally high quality, reasonable prices, and really easy to use and to repair.  April sale prices start at $279.98 and these are really excellent cleaners.

In response to your requests, we have added more pool FROG supplies, such as the BAC PAC, mineral cartridges, and the 4 pound chlorine cartridge.  We still don’t carry the actual chlorinators, because we don’t want to start people on them.  However, if you are already using one, we are happy to help you out with parts and supplies.

New toys:  we have a river rafting department now, with the same tubes and coolers that they rent on the rivers, or sell at the sporting goods stores – but we are 35% lower priced!  Along with that, we have more heavy-duty floats, mats, and floating chaises; including the sumo-wrestler-sized sumo floats!

For new chemicals, Bioguard has added Smart Paksmonthly pool care in a box.  We added liquid chlorine stabilizer.   It’s more expensive, but much easier to use.  We brought in Leisure Time and Soft Soak spa chemicals, also in response to your requests (to stop going to the store you used to go to).  We have found less expensive, and more effective phosphate removers (you have no idea how much research that took) and also a phosphate free mineral control. 

In the Patio department, we now have patio heaters, fireplaces, and fire pits for propane or natural gas.

Replacing your liner?  We had great reviews from everyone who had their inground liner replaced last year through our referral program.  For above ground liners, we are now stocking foam pool cove to reduce washouts, and Armor Shield bottom protection that reduces bottom damage, and actually increases the liner’s warranty!   

Jeanne and Ann are very excited about expanding our bar and bar stool department.  They added Primo Craft American-made bars in stock and custom-made so you can get the style, size, stain and wood species that you want.  We have an all-new selection of imported bars at very popular prices (like $349).  Plus a great selection of great, high-quality gadgets like bottle openers, pourers, shakers and much more; the same ones that bars, restaurants and clubs use themselves.

They want you to remember that the vast majority of our patio furniture is also American made, which is why we can have almost anything you want, made to order.  A big hit last year was Telescope Casual marine-grade polymer tables and chairs.  All made inNew York by a 105 year old family business.

Finally, lots of new items in our Discount Department:  automatic pool cleaners, pumps, filters, filter systems.  They are all made in China, and are not the same quality for which we are known, but they are just like what you see online and at the discount stores.  At online and discount store prices!  For instance, the Trident Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner for only $119.97, a  two horsepower inground pump for $199.97, a 3/4 hp sand filter system for $199.97, or a 1 1/2 hp DE filter system for only $319.97.  If that’s what you want, why go anyplace else?

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