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Opportunity Knocking

Sunday, April 20th, 1997

You’ve probably noticed that our staff members always seem knowledgeable, professional and happy with their work. They are all smart, hard-working people. We try very hard to keep them happy, motivated, and appreciated.

We have a batch of college students who will be graduating over the next few years, and it’s time to start training a new generation. If you know a smart, hard-working high school senior, or college freshman or sophomore, or a teacher, we may have a great opportunity for summer and vacation work.

It takes a few years of experience before an employee becomes truly knowledgeable about the swimming pool industry, so we’re looking for people in a position to stay with us a while—at least three years. Starting off, we don’t pay much more than any other store, and the work is mostly in the warehouse, the water lab, and stocking shelves.

After 1200 hours worked, we pay everyone benefits (vacation, medical, etc.). After the third summer, we pay profit-sharing and pretty substantial scholarships to accredited colleges. Base salaries rise commensurate with experience and knowledge gained.

Think about how you’ve dealt with our staff. There are some pretty young people here, doing adult jobs in an adult environment, and making adult money. With a few year’s experience, it’s not unusual for a college student to make $8,000 – $10,000 in a summer; up to $14,000 for summer and weekends.

Some of our best employees have started as customers or the children of customers. Already owning and caring for a pool is a nice advantage starting off; and the employee discounts are a nice bonus.

Obviously, we’re an equal opportunity employer, and we’re willing to hire any age, race, creed, gender, etc. However, the jobs available are either part-time or non-existent during the winter, and full-time only during the summer and school vacations. We are willing to hire one more person on a full-time year-round basis, but only if the applicant has at least three years experience in a high-quality pool store—not in a store where no one has a clue about anything.

In any case, we want to finish hiring by April 15th so we can put the new people through initial training before May tenth. If you or anyone you know is interested, stop by the store, fill out an application, and we may call for an interview.

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