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Thursday, August 1st, 2013

by Dennis DiPaolo

We have a lot of people in college this year.  Sarah is going to Nashua Community College, Josh transferred to MIT (Chemical Engineering), Stephen is a senior at Gordan College (German and Spanish), Julia is going to Coastal Carolina University, Becca to Southern New Hampshire University (Marketing), Sidney to Paul Mitchells (Cosmetology), Jeremy to UMass Lowell (Criminal Justice), Kenny to Franciscan University (History), and John is off to Wentworth Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering).  This isn’t just an average group of young people.  This is a very difficult place to work, and we hire only exceptional people.

Stephanie will be student-teaching next semester now that she has graduated from college.  She should be getting her teaching certificate this winter.  We would love to see her remain with us in a year-round management position.  But even if she remains in teaching and art, we expect her to come back for summer vacations.

You know her as very knowledgeable, friendly, and pleasant.  We also know her as serious, a leader, and a planner.  How many young people do you know who paid their student loan interest while they were still in college to keep the rate down?  Graduated in New Hampshire with very reasonable debt, and bought a house the same week?  Well, you know her!  I just remember practically three weeks in a row signing a 5-year anniversary check, a graduation present, and a housewarming gift!

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