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People and Puppies

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

We had seven of our team members graduate from high school this year; five of them on June 18th!  All of them are headed off to successful college careers.  Greg and Steve are going to Plymouth State, Ryan’s headed for Keene State, Bill’s going to Northeastern University, Joseph’s going to UNH, Jessica is going to Penn State and Robert will be attending Norwich University.  They are all great, smart, mature, hard-working young people.  We’re proud of them all and wish them all well.  If it’s hot next May, we’ll be ready for you.  With the four team members already in college, we’ll have eleven excellent, well-trained people available full-time in early May – six weeks before we could see high-school students full time.

Jeanne is done with dog breeding from our current four dogs, as they are getting along in years.  Her reputation as a breeder continues to grow, though.  One of Dixie’s puppies, Nive, has been to the Westminster Dog Show and the Eukanuba Challenge – those  are the two shows that you see on TV.  Nive won First Award of Merit this spring at the Eukanuba.  She just won Best of Breed at a major Boston Terrier specialty show in Illinois, which is about to move her to either fourth or fifth in the national rankings.

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