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Reducing Advertising Costs

Monday, August 25th, 2008

We already spend much less on advertising as a percent of sales than anyone we know. We are trying to reduce it further by doing less in the mail and newspapers. So don’t wait for us to come to you. Please come to us at and you will be able to see our advertising, weekly specials, events, newsletters, etc. any time you want. If you signed up to be on our mailing list, but did not check off an interest in pool supply mailings, for instance, you won’t be getting a pool supply mailing. If you show up as purchasing pool supplies in the past sixteen years, you should get one – if you told us your name with one of those purchases. We used to go all the way back to 1983, but that is just too wasteful. We don’t mind spending money, but we need to keep it where it is most important – keeping good help.

So, try to remember this: months that begin with “A” are two big pool supply sales. In April, they are all on sale. In August, it depends on what we need to clear out. It has been that way since I took over the advertising in 1981. Most likely, it will continue. If you want us to continue to give you discount-store pricing with specialtystore service, we all have to be in this together. And if you want to be absolutely sure that you get a newsletter next April, BUY SOMETHING REALLY EXPENSIVE RIGHT NOW!!

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