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Monday, April 7th, 2014

by Dennis DiPaolo

Our largest Reward$ gift certificates this year were each over $300.00, and we emailed around $75,000 of them.  If you are not getting paid to shop here, you are missing the boat.

I know people are afraid that we will haunt them with emails.  But does that sound like us?  In 2012, we sent only two, and one of those was your gift certificate!  In 2013, we sent two plus the certificate.  Our plan is to send very few advertisements to everyone, plus a possible couple more for specific interests.  Our goal is to only say something if we have something important to say.

For instance, hot tub owners got one in January with information on preventing expensive freeze-ups, because we saw some damaged tubs due to the unnaturally cold winter.  In February, after the state issued warnings to shovel roofs because of unnatural snow loads (and indeed, someone died in Massachusetts) we sent a warning, with some advice about snow loads to pool owners.  Maybe that’s too many emails, but it also seems like the right thing to do.

By the way, if you received that one and didn’t open it (only half of you opened it) or if you did not receive it, look for it on our blog; dated February 22, 2014.  The blog is accessed from the lower left of our web page.

And, to pay you for opening our advertising emails (even though Seasonal Reward$ already pays you five times more than Seasonal Sense in exchange for opening our emails) we will include a special coupon just for you, with many of our advertising emails.  Learn more about Seasonal Reward$ and Seasonal Sense on page 3, on the Sales and Specials page of our website, and in the store.

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