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What We Did During Your Winter Vacation

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

We stayed busy with improvements.  The store got two software upgrades that will dramatically speed up credit card transactions, and allow us to have a customer rewards programSeasonal Rewards.  Every purchase will now build points in your account, and we will send you an annual rebate to be spent like cash right here.  We are gearing this program to reward those of you who honor us with your regular, continuous business, over those who may make a single $10,000 or $20,000 purchase.  And that happens more than you might think!  So, we pay triple points on items up to $500, double points $500 to $1,000, and single points on items over $1,000.   That’s on each item, not the entire bill

So if you buy an $1,100 filter system that’s made up of a tank, pump, base, and valve; each of which is under $500, you still get triple points!  And, we give you 500 points just to join the program.  And, when you spend your rebate next year, we’ll give you points even for things you buy with points!  For information, see the box on page three.

Mia and Anne-Marie upgraded the water labs with new computers, faster operating systems, upgraded testing software, and all-new electronic chemical readers. 

Besides being faster and more accurate, the new Target™ Program will allow us to track phosphate levels.  We bought new testing equipment, and for a while, we will do a phosphate test for every Target™ chemical customer along with their water balance for FREE (that one test used to cost $10).   Why are we adding the work and expense?  Because constant fertilizing of lawns is dumping huge amounts of phosphate into the drinking water.  Plus, municipal water systems are adding ortho-phosphates to their water to protect cast-iron water mains that should have been replaced 50 years ago. 

All those phosphates don’t hurt you, but they grow algae in pools, ponds and lakes.  And that causes you to spend more money on chemicals just to stay ahead of it.  Now, you’re going to be able to keep an eye on those levels as they grow.  And, we’re doing research here.  We have been seeing very high levels in much of our testing, but we normally only think to test with people experiencing multiple algae attacks.

We put a lot of work into the web site, making the most important pages easier to read.  We also added a Facebook link, a mobile site, all new navigation, a content management system, and a blog.

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