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Winterizing Salt Pools

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Remember, your salt-to-chlorine generator should not be operated when the water temperature drops below 60°.  If you have a good one, it won’t even let you run it then.  It also becomes incapable of properly reading your salt level.  So, in spring and fall, you should be using a granular dichlor chlorine such as Target™ Chlorinating Granules to maintain your chlorine levels.  In fact, you should already have a bottle at home to boost chlorine levels immediately when your generator falls behind. 

We also have a great new product:  Bioguard Cell Cleaner to clean the titanium electrodes in your cell.  It is much safer than muriatic acid, and it can be disposed of by pouring right in the deep end of your pool before you close it!  So clean your cell the week before you close your pool, with no hazardous waste. Hayward, Goldline, and Pentair all make salt-to-chlorine generators for Bioguard, so that means 90% of the generators made are approved to work with it.

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