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Publications & Classes

August 2017 People and Places

August 2017 Unidentified Leaks

April 2017 What We Did On Your Winter Vacation

April 2017 New Products and Prices

August 2016 Our Seasonal Family Grows a Little More

August 2016 Patio Furniture News by Ann Auker

August 2016 New Patio Vendors

April 2016 Thanks For a Great Year In 2015

April 2016 New Products and Prices

April 2016 New Trends in Patio Furniture

August 2015 Summer Events

August 2015 Store Notes

August 2015 Jeanne E. Larssen 1956 – 2015

April 2015 Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary

April 2015 Store Changes and New Items

April 2015 Other News

August 2014 Don’t Panic. There’s Still 2 ½ Months Of Summer Left

August 2014 New Winter Pool Covers

August 2014 People

August 2014 Odds And Ends

April 2014 Staying Busy Last Winter

April 2014 New Products

April 2014 People

April 2014 Seasonal Reward$

April 2014 Lonza P.E.A.C.H. (People Extending a Caring Hand) Project

August 2013 Dealing with the Namco Bankruptcy

August 2013 Outdoor Kitchens

August 2013 Pool Store Notes

August 2013 People

August 2013 Seasonal Reward$ and Sense

April 2013 A Tale of Two Giant Corporations

April 2013 Winter Projects

April 2013 People

April 2013 New Products & Services

April 2013 Seasonal Reward$

August 2012 Credit and Debit Card Problems: What They Didn’t Tell You

August 2012 Extend Your Summer

August 2012 People

August 2012 Products and Services

August 2012 Odds and Ends

April 2012 It’s a Hot Tub Supply Sale Too!

April 2012 What We Did During Your Winter Vacation

April 2012 People

April 2012 Odds and Ends

April 2012 New Products and Prices

August 2011 Silly Season Begins Next Month

August 2011 People

August 2011 Pool Stuff

August 2011 Policies

April 2011 Six Team Members Become Certified Pool Operators

April 2011 Chemistry Advice

April 2011 People

April 2011 Other News

April 2011 Product Notes

April 2011 Water Lab Improvements

August 2010 Our 30th Year is Turning out Great

August 2010 Certified Pool & Spa Award

August 2010 Winterizing Salt Pools

August 2010 People

August 2010 Winterizing With a Safety Cover

April 2010 Our Family is Growing

April 2010 30th Anniversary Party

April 2010 Products and Prices

April 2010 Green Solutions

April 2010 Anniversaries

August 2009 We’re Here to Stay

August 2009 Discount Pool Supplies

August 2009 People

August 2009 Seasonal Goes Discount

April 2009 People

April 2009 Seasonal Goes Discount

August 2008 Buy Now and Save

August 2008 Reducing Advertising Costs

August 2008 New Hours

August 2008 People and Pets

August 2008 Customer Service

August 2008 A Great Story

August 2008 Blow-up Pools

August 2008 Salt Systems

April 2008 Spring Report

April 2008 New Products and Services

April 2008 People

April 2008 Fun with Charities

September 2007 Special Team Anniversary Issue

August 2007 Open House

April 2007 News From The Pool Store

April 2007 People

April 2007 Helping Our Community

April 2007 New Products and Services

April 2007 New Chemicals

April 2007 Future Projects

September 2006 How We Spent Your Summer Vacation

September 2006 Patrick McEwen: The Man Behind The Myth

April 2006 What’s New at Seasonal

April 2006 People, Places and Puppies

April 2006 New Products

April 2006 Great Deals

April 2006 Open House

April 2006 Salt-to-Chlorine Generation

September 2005 News from the Pool Store

September 2005 It’s our Birthday

September 2005 New Shopping Center

September 2005 People and Puppies

September 2005 Helping our Community

September 2005 A Quick Commercial

May 2005 Expect Chlorine Shortages and Price Hikes This Summer

May 2005 News From Our Team

May 2005 Helping Our Community

September 2004 We are Named the 2004 New Hampshire Store of the Year

September 2004 News From Our Team

April 2004 The times they are a changing

April 2004 People and Places

April 2004 Helping our Community

April 2004 Training

April 2004 New Products

September 2003 New Water Labs

September 2003 Water Lab Programs

April 2003 What’s New at Seasonal

April 2002 Dealing with Water Bans

September 2001 Preventing Winter Damage: A Report on Last Winter’s Destruction

April 2001 What’s New at Seasonal

September 2000 What’s New at Seasonal

April 2000 We’ve Moved!

September 1999 What’s New at Seasonal

April 1997 Opportunity Knocking

April 1996 Pool Care Updates

April 1995 What About Water Testing?

April 1995 What’s New at Seasonal

April 1995 Are Stores Supposed to be Ethical?

March 1995 100 Players Brave Blizzard-Grand Slam

September 1994 New Winter Products and Services

September 1994 Why Pool Covers Don’t Last

April 1994 What’s New at Seasonal

April 1994 Bioslimes a Growing Problem

April 1993 Take It Easy™

April 1993 Pre-Season Pool Prep

April 1993 New Policy Pays You for Algae

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