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Billiard Table Buyer’s Guide

A seven-foot Maple Amherst on display in our store

A slate billiard table can become a complete home entertainment center for your entire family. Everyone can shoot pool – it doesn’t require youth, stamina or sweat. Still, billiards can be a very competitive and enjoyable pasttime. It builds confidence, coordination, and the ability to think and plan strategically. You can compete against yourself or others – continually building your own skills. Many families find that a game room helps keep the kids home (and off the streets). Parents often become more involved with their children’s friends as they spend more time around the house. It’s never too early for a child to learn a competitive sport – especially one that doesn’t require lift tickets, expensive equipment, or injuries! Even many retired couples are getting involved — for themselves and their grand children. You know how it goes, the grandparents with the best toys see the kids more!

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"We absolutely love our pool table. We ordered it natural to match our room and it is perfect! The installers did a magnificent job."

"I am very pleased with my pool table and the service your store provided. My children love to pass the time playing pool and ping pong."
Joe, Wilmington MA