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Buyer Protection Plan

The best guarantees in the business, on any hot tub or spa

BEST VALUE: We absolutely guarantee that every hot tub or spa represents the best real value for your money. We buy for quality and value. Every piece is worth every penny that you pay for it.

LOWEST PRICE: Within 30 days and 300 square miles, if you find any legitimate dealer offering the same hot tub or spa to the general public for a lower price, or if weoffer it for a lower price, we will gladly refund the difference. Coverage starts when you order your spa and ends thirty days after you take it, so it is to your advantage to not wait until the last minute. The rules are clearly posted right next to the cash register.

DEPOSIT REFUND PROTECTION: All of your deposit money is always 100% refundable for any reason—just give us a few days notice. The only exception: if you order something unusually custom-made, and sign a specific “Additional Requirements” agreement waiving cancellation in certain circumstances.

SPA START UP: Advice is always free at the store, and you will be invited to our Spa School run from time to time in the store. Additionally, you will receive a discount coupon for a service call to your home, where a technician can give you an individual demonstration on spa care.

CHEMICAL HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Not sure which chemical system to use? Choose any of them, and give it a decent chance; until it’s time for your first or second water change. If you wish you had chosen another, give us a call with an inventory of what chemicals you have left. We’ll tell you what to keep, and what to return. We’ll trade you for a trial kit on the next system you want to try.

INITIAL BALANCING COVERAGE: All spa water requires a computerized test and possible adjustment when first filled. Your test is always free, and any required chemicals will be at 40% off our regular prices on that initial balancing. There will be a coupon to that effect in your purchasing packet.

FREE ACCESSORY INSTALLATION: Any accessories purchased with your spa such as a cover lifter, shower, steps, stairs, tables, trays, LED lights, etc., will be assembled and installed on your spa with no labor charge. Gazebos and non-spa-related items are not included.

100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: For any reason. Two weeks for a refund, thirty days for merchandise credit. Time starts when you take your spa, and the rules are clearly posted right next to the cash register. The only exception: if you order something unusually custom-made, and sign a specific “Additional Requirements” agreement waiving cancellation in certain circumstances.

FREE RELOCATION: Not sure where to put your spa in your backyard? Want to use it while you’re building the deck? We’ll pay for a spa moving company to move it to another position in your yard: as long as it only moves once, it moves within a year of purchase, we can approve of the spa moving company, and it can be safely done by two men with normal Spa Dolly equipment. Obviously, this is for the move; not electrical work, landscaping, carpentry, etc.

VIP DISCOUNTS: We’ll be happy to create a package deal for you, with special VIP discounts up to 20% on related items that you purchase with your spa. Details are printed on the spa price signs, and we’ll be happy to explain them.

100% TRADE-IN: Not sure which spa to choose? Pick one at random! Use it for two months. If you don’t like it for any reason—it’s too small, it’s too big, it doesn’t match the house—bring it back. We’ll trade it at up to 100% of what you paid for any other spa that we carry. If you choose a more expensive one, just pay us the difference.

FREE DEALER PREP: It starts with the first ten pages of the directions. We’ll uncrate your spa, remove and save the labels for you, clean it up, and write your serial numbers in your handbook. Then, we’ll set it up in our shop as 110V or 240V—whichever way you tell us you will be running it. We’ll insert the freeze plugs, tighten the fittings, open the slice valves, fill the spa, flush out the old water from the factory’s test, install the cartridge, test every zone and jet, test the heater, check for leaks, noises, everything. We’ll put your spa through a twenty-two step checklist, and it will be in absolutely perfect condition before it leaves here. All you need to do is plug it in (or let your electrician hardwire), fill it with water, and you’re done.

FREE SERVICE CALL: Above and beyond your warranty, we’ll come out for FREE for something not covered by the warranty. Say your electrician did not read the directions before wiring, or the funny noise is because you let the water get too low, or you didn’t clean your filter, or someone unplugged the spa and that’s why it’s cold now. You will receive a coupon for one non-emergency “nuisance” service call within the first six months in our normal mileage area.

LIFETIME SERVICE DISCOUNT: Our at-home service department will always give you a discount from their regular rates on any service or repairs to your hot tub.