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Thank you for your interest in our above ground swimming pools. We are one of New England’s oldest and largest pool stores because we take pool care very seriously. The swimming pool industry is where we started, back in 1973. You can learn more, in the Company History section and the Welcome/About Us of our website.

Some of our customers shop at two or three stores before finally deciding to buy here – and well you might.  A swimming pool is a large and long-term purchase, and we want you to be comfortable with your decision.  There are many different items and factors to look into while shopping. Comparing can be very difficult unless someone (like us) tells you everything.  Of course, a great many do not shop anywhere else, because our customers often tell their friends, “Don’t even look anywhere else.  Just go there, ask for their recommendation and follow it.  They won’t steer you wrong.”

We carry every major name-brand in the industry. We do not hide behind “exclusives” and private labels. When we guarantee lowest prices (details on our Lowest Prices page and right next to the cash register), it’s a legitimate guarantee. The same products (and more important, their replacement parts) are available lots of places.

We feature Sharkline Economy and Sharkline Premium pools because we can get parts for them for any pool going back to their founding in 1965.  Sharkline Premium is the highest quality brand in North America.  Sharkline is now the world’s largest above ground pool manufacturer, under the name Sharkline (their original flagship brand), and many others that they have opened or purchased over the last forty years.  We now also carry several pools from their other brands, which are made in Canada and the U.S.A.  Like us, Sharkline is still an independent, family-owned business.

We want you to have all the information that it takes to make an informed decision. Our complete 100 page folder will give you everything in writing: prices, buyer’s guide, details on every single item, a shopping checklist to make comparisons easier, and a Free Buyer Protection Plan that is just unbelievable.  Some of that information is available here, and we can snail-mail all of it to you if you live locally to us.  See our Pricing Policy for details.

We are not afraid to tell you everything, because we are not afraid of the truth.  We are better, we are cheaper, and we can prove it.  Most important, we have the best store and the best help in New England. That word “help” is important.  We’re here to help you, not to sell to you.  Just ask anyone you know who owns a pool, who has the best quality products, service, and prices.

If there is anything else that we can do for you, please let us know.

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