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Buyer Protection Plan

The best guarantee in the business, on any above ground pool or complete package.

Best Value

We absolutely guarantee that every pool and package represents the best real value for your money.  We buy for quality and value.  Every piece is worth every penny that you pay for it.

Lowest Price

Within 30 days and 300 square miles, if you find any legitimate dealer offering the same pool or complete package to the general public for a lower price, or if we offer it for a lower price, we will gladly refund the difference.  The rules are clearly posted on our web site and right next to the cash register.

Deposit Refund Protection

All of your deposit money is always 100% refundable for any reason – just give us a few days notice.  The only exception: if you order something unusually custom-made and sign a specific “Additional Requirements” agreement waiving cancellation in certain circumstances.

Pool Start Up

Advice is always free at the store, and you will be invited to our Free Pool Schools throughout the summer.  Additionally, you will receive a discount coupon for a service call to your home, where a technician can give you an individual demonstration on pool care.

Extended Warranties

Our long and trusting relationships with key vendors allows us to offer exclusive manufacturer warranties on many products.  Generally doubled on Pentair filters, pumps, heaters, salt-to-chlorine generators.  Tripled on the full portion of the Swimline liner warranty when Armor Shield is used.  Five additional years on Swimline Perma 30 liners.  Seven more years (from three to ten) on the full portion on several Sharkline pool models.  See the actual written warranty for details.

Lifetime Labor Warranty

We will match any manufacturer’s warranty on parts, with in-store labor.  If parts are free, so is the labor.  Even when the factory warranty ends, your in-store labor will be at a substantial discount.  See the actual written warranty for details.

Take It Easy™ Guarantee

Free registration (using a coupon in your purchasing packet) in our Take It Easy™ Program gives you:

1.  Personal Pool Calendar – color coded – for your pool and schedule, with everything you need to do chemically to your pool for the summer.  What day, how much, etc.

2. Algae-Free Guarantee – we will pay for the chemicals to cure algae and other growths.

3.  Clear Water Guarantee – we pay from half to all the cost to clear up cloudy water.

Chemical Happiness Guarantee

Not sure which chemical system to use?  Choose any form of chlorine or biguanide (Baquacil), and use it for the rest of the summer (bromine’s not for people who change their mind).  If you wish you had chosen another, contact us in late August.  We’ll guide you through closing, arrange for an easy conversion on opening in spring, buy back any chemicals that can’t be used later, and pay any conversion costs to switch you over in spring.

Free Loaner Filter

If your filter is ever in our service department for more than a week of warranty repairs, we will lend you a replacement filter to use until we’re finished.

Initial Balancing Coverage

All pool water requires a computerized test and possible adjustment when first filled.  Your test is always free, and any required chemicals will be at 40% off our regular prices on that initial balancing.  There will be a coupon to that effect in your purchasing packet.

100% Money Back Guarantee

For any reason.  Two weeks for a refund, thirty days for merchandise credit.  Time starts when you pick up your pool, and the rules are clearly posted right next to the cash register.  However, let’s be realistic: we need everything to be clean, in original cartons.  If you have already assembled your pool, we’ll help you to sell it to someone (probably at some sort of discount) as a used pool.  The only exception: if you order something unusually custom-made and sign a specific “Additional Requirements” agreement waiving cancellation in certain circumstances.

100% Filter Trade-In

Not sure which filter to choose?  Pick one at random.  Use it until Labor Day.  If you don’t like it for any reason – it’s too tall, it’s too short, it doesn’t match the house – bring it back.  We’ll trade it at up to 100% of what you paid, for any other filter we carry.  If you choose a more expensive one, just pay us the difference.

Revised:  3/21/13


“Because of your employees’ patience and expertise, we plan to purchase all our pool necessities and toys from your store – we already have a lengthy list for you April sale.”
Lynda & Edward, Hudson, NH

“There was always a friendly person available to answer our questions and assist us in purchasing the right products. We used Baquacil and were very pleased with the results.”
The Martin Family, Nashua, NH