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Features Of Our Pool Packages

We don’t want this to seem too much like a sales pitch, but here’s some general information on our pools, equipment, and installations that you may not find in the price list or brochures.

Our Equipment Packages

We have two equipment packages:  Premium (the best of everything), and Deluxe (similar to what most pool dealers carry).  Both packages are fully described in your price list.  We can also custom-make a special package for you, or switch portions of the two packages for a slight increase or decrease in price.

Look carefully at our resin ladder – it is the highest quality safety ladder on the market.  It is designed to prevent children (and automatic pool cleaners) from swimming behind it or even through the steps.  You can disconnect the safety section and take it in with you.  It can even be disassembled to use on a deck if you build one later.  And, it carries a 5-year warranty.*  The rest of the equipment is very complete and very high quality.  Even the hose has a 3-year warranty*.

Our Premium chemical package allows you to choose your system; from Relax, chlorine, bromine, a purifier, or Baquacil.  The Take It Easy Program included with your chemical package guarantees that you will have clear, algae-free water – or we pay to clean it up*.  We are the only store in the world with the Take It Easy Program.

The filters are all described on the price list.  The Pentair filters in our Premium Package are at least double the size recommended for your pool.  As of this writing, they are the only filter that will pass Underwriters Laboratories and Nashua Electrical Inspection without modification by an electrician.  They have two year parts and labor warranties*.  You can choose to use a sand, cartridge or a DE filter at no extra charge, and our Buyer Protection Plan lets you change your mind and switch to the other, later!  For a couple of the really huge pools (over 22,000 gallons), there is a slight price difference.

These are actually inground pool filters with inground-size plumbing and self-priming pumps.  Unlike above ground filters, they don’t have to be set right next to the pool. Parts are non-exclusive, and are available at any pool dealer.  We are a factory-authorized warranty center.

Our Deluxe Packages were designed for the customer who wants to get into a pool for a few hundred dollars less.  Equipment choices are not quite so varied, but you can always replace the small stuff as time goes one.  If it’s a pool that you want just for a few years, “just for the kids,” this might be just for you.

Sharkline Pools

Details on our pools are in the price list and the full-color brochures.  Here, let’s hit the highlights, and some advice.

We feature Sharkline pools for some very important reasons.  Sharkline isAmerica’s oldest above ground pool manufacturer – a family run business since 1961.  The second generation took the reins over twenty years ago, and the third generation is currently learning the business from the bottom up.

Sharkline makes all of their own pools onLong Island,New York.  They maintain a parts inventory for every Sharkline pool made since 1961.  Frankly, that’s way more important than the warranty.  A 25% discount on a part that you can’t get really isn’t worth very much.  With Sharkline, we know that we can always help you.

As I write this, I just finished scheduling two pool repairs.  One is for a two year old Sharkline pool that was damaged by a storm, and not covered by the warranty.  The repair is still being done for free, because the owners of Sharkline and I agreed to split the cost, anyway.  The second pool, right down the street, is also two years old, and was damaged by the same storm.  We’re providing the liner, because the pool owner won’t go back to the original dealer except for the $500 in parts that are unavailable anywhere except through that dealer.  That dealer and that manufacturer are not doing anything wrong – if a tree falls on your car, GM doesn’t replace your car.  It just shows that there’s more to protection than the warranty.

It’s easy to shop for a Sharkline pool – there’s a dealer in every city.  That’s good for you and bad for us.  We all have to price our pools very competitively because it’s so easy for you to check up on us.  When we give you a price guarantee, it really means something.

Sharkline Premium™ pools are the best-engineered pools made.  We use more uprights on them, so our top rails are shorter.  Yes, that makes the pool cost more, but it makes the pool much stronger, too.  Our 24’ round pool has 18 uprights.  Others may have only 14 or 15.  Our oval pools are the strongest oval pools made.


 Advantage Uprights Pool
 Advantage Uprights
12′ Round 11 12×17 Oval 14
15′ Round 11 12X24  Oval 18
18′ Round 13 15×26 Oval 18
20′ Round 15 15×30 Oval 20
24′ Round 18 18×33 Oval 22
28′ Round 21 18×40 Oval 26
33′ Round 24


Our components are made specifically for each pool size – they are not generic.  That does raise manufacturing and inventory costs slightly, but there is only one set of screw holes in each component, and it will always be filled with screws.  Look at the top rails of many other pools – they look like Swiss cheese.  Those extra holes weaken the structure and allow corrosion to begin.

The Sharkline Premium™ pool is also easier to assemble – there’s no judgment on your part as to which holes to use and which are ok to leave alone.  Professional installers all love to install Sharkline Premium™ pools.  Everything fits, there’s almost never missing parts, and if there are, they are replaced immediately.  This is a big deal – a lot of installers are very picky and won’t work on some pools unless they are desperate for work.  Installing yourself?  The directions on a Sharkline pool were written by a man inNew York who speaks English – they weren’t translated from Chinese.

On Sharkline Premium™ pools, the entire pool bottom is made from coated aluminum or resin – it can never rust, even though it may be covered with wet dirt.  Electrolysis is not an issue (except in the minds of certain competitors) because of: a) the coatings; b) the use of aluminum instead of copper; and c) the absence of battery acid in the ground.  We pay more for our pool bottoms to give you a lifetime warranty* and more peace of mind.

On our Sharkline Premium™ pools, every nut, bolt, and screw is stainless steel – so you can disassemble and repair or even move the pool when it’s 30 or 40 years old.  Most models have an available Wallsaver panel system that turns the most common expensive repair on most pools into a simple, do-it-yourself FREE job.  It is well worth the upgrade price.  Sharkline-approved liners feature electronic lap seam wall construction, and more mildewcides, algaecides, U.V. inhibitors, plasticizers, elasticizers, and other treatments than most other brands.

We’ll be happy to let you see and feel samples of all our liners – we actually carry quite a few qualities as open-stock replacement liners.  The ones that we use with our pools are the best.  On most of our pools, we actually include a thirty gauge (17/17m) liner that is 33% heavier, with a 33% longer warranty.*

We use those exact same liners on our non-Sharkline pools.  By offering pools from other subsidiaries of Sharkline, we can save you a substantial amount of money – particularly if you really do not need a pool to last fifty years!

Our Store

Everything that you’ve read in our folder, and everything I’ve written in this booklet means nothing compared to this: my store is the best store that you could possibly buy a pool from.  It’s not even close.  We have the best products, service, selection, guarantees, and prices in the business.

I’ve been running swimming pool stores since 1973.  When our store was part of a national chain, I was its vice president.  I’ve been a writer for the industry’s major trade journal (Pool and Spa News), a paid lecturer at the national trade conventions, President of the Target Buying Group Inc., Chairman of the Board of The Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire, and a former board member of the National Spa and Pool Institute.  In 1989, Jeanne and I purchased the Nashua store from our boss and took it independent.  We’re well-managed, financially strong, and we don’t owe a penny to anyone.

There are three people on staff who have been here since the early 1980’s.  We’re getting old, but we know our stuff.  Everyone attends annual classroom training in products and services – you can see the diplomas in the store.  Ask your friends who have pools.  When they have a problem, when they need advice, they come to us.

It is not our primary function to sell pools.  It is our primary function to help people who already have pools.  Come into our store on a busy day in summer, and watch.  Ask our customers what they think.

Look at our parts department.  Yes, we stock lots of parts for the products that we carry.  We also stock parts for products that other people carry.  We’re an authorized warranty center for manufacturers whose products we don’t even sell!  We can solve problems and repair products in the store or at your home.  Our water laboratory is the most sophisticated and extensive of any pool store in the country.

How do you know that you’re getting an honest value?  Just walk around the store and look at the legitimate, American name-brand products.  In every product category, we carry the industry leaders; Sharkline, Pentair, Baquacil, BioGuard, Olhausen, Tropitone, Telescope, Marquis, etc.  We don’t hide behind private labels and fake brands or imports.  Then we guarantee our low prices for 30 days and 300 square miles, in writing, right next to the cash register.  How can we offer service, quality, and low prices?  We buy at low prices and keep our overhead low.

This store is part of New England’s largest seasonal buying group.  As such, we are the largest customers of our key suppliers.  They treat us right.  As an owner-operated store, we don’t have to pay the salaries and overhead of district supervisors, buyers, vice presidents, advertising agencies, and data processors.  Unlike our national competitors, who are owned by Wall Street funds and leveraged buy-out groups, we never borrow working capital.  Our building is extremely energy-efficient, and our mortgage is paid off.  As long as we can afford to pay ourselves a reasonable salary, we don’t even have to make a big profit.

Our pool and filter warranties are better than anyone’s.  Our Buyer Protection Plan is just plain unbelievable.  We’ll guarantee your price, quality, and satisfaction.  We’ll guarantee that your pool is easy to take care of, and the water will be clear*.  We even let you change your mind!  If you’re not sure how your pool will fit your yard, we’ll let you borrow our yard measuring kit for FREE.  Need more help?  We’ll send out a salesperson to help you measure.

Thinking about doing your own installation?  We’ll lend you an installation DVD while you’re thinking about it.  When you purchase your pool, we’ll give you a copy of the area’s best pool contractor directory; with sources for installers, electricians, excavators, tree removers, water delivery services, and much more.  Even if you do your own installation, you can hire out the hard parts (like ground leveling) to the same specialists that the professional installers use.

We have even hired a variety of contractors to do work in our pool park, so you can look at their workmanship right here.  We also have a customer feedback book on them, and we solicit “report cards” on local contractors from our customers to be put in the book.  You can look through it to see what other people think.

We’re not going to push you to buy.  We’re not going to pretend that there’s a one-day only special, or repossessed pool for $2000 less, or that we accidentally gave you the wrong price, but you can have it – only if you buy right now.  When you’re ready, we’re ready.  All you need is a small deposit.  Frankly, no matter where you ultimately purchase your pool, you’ll be back for parts, advice, or a FREE pool school class.  So why don’t you start off right here, right now?


Dennis DiPaolo


Revised:  2/15/13

*All warranties are limited, and are available for your inspection.  It is our advice never to purchase a product strictly on its warranty, but to consider the warranty’s terms, plus the product’s value and reputation.

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