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Which is better, inground or above ground?

Which is better, inground or above ground?

Which is better, inground or above ground? An above ground pool is a pool – for swimming, playing, enjoying.  An inground pool is an addition to your real estate, with everything that goes along with that.  It changes your taxes, property values, resale price, etc.  It’s permanent.  Inground pools start at around $10,000.  However, once […]

Which is better, round or oval?

It depends on what you want from a pool.  The best value (dollars per gallon) will be the largest round pool that you can fit.  An 18’ round pool holds around 8,000 gallons.  A 24’ round and a 15’x30’ oval both hold around 15,000.  The 24’ round is generally only a few hundred dollars more […]

Which is better, steel, resin or aluminum?

Steel is stronger, aluminum doesn’t rust.  Resin also doesn’t rust, but it’s not very strong when it’s cold out.  When I was growing up, automobiles bodies only lasted about four years.  Today, ten to fifteen years are not a problem.  That’s because the automobile manufacturers use much better coatings on their steel.  Even so, if […]

How deep can I get my pool?

Deeper than you should want it.  The traditional above ground pool has a 52” to 54” wall, which is already a foot deeper than the shallow end of the traditional inground pool. As long as you promise that you will never ever allow anyone to ever dive into your pool, there is a way to […]

Which filter is better: sand, DE, or cartridge?

The purpose of the pool’s filter is to keep the water clean and clear by removing dirt, algae, particles, and other stuff that makes the water cloudy.  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) takes out much smaller particles much more quickly than any other filter.  Take a look at a bottle of filter sand and a bottle of […]

Do I need a permit to put up a pool?

This is America.  You need a permit to go to the bathroom!  I’ll be happy to tell you what you generally need, but it makes no difference what I say.  It only matters what your town hall says.  Call them immediately, and request a copy of whatever their particular regulations are, and follow them.  We […]

How difficult is the installation?

Round pools are much easier than oval pools.  Cheap pools usually have fewer parts to assemble than better pools, but the parts generally fit together better on the better pools. It helps if the directions were written by someone who spoke English as his or her native tongue.  If you can get an assembly DVD, […]

What do I need for electricity?

Whatever your local electrical inspector wants, and don’t even think of arguing with him or her!  I can tell you what is typical, but your local inspector can demand anything. Generally, you’ll want a 20 amp 110 volt dedicated circuit with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), and a twist-lock outlet.  The outlet goes right […]

Aren’t pools unsafe?

Compared to ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, quarries, swimming holes, and the ocean; pools are very safe.  The water is clear, you can see all the way to the bottom, there are no waves, and the edge is no more than seventeen feet away.  Owning a pool encourages everyone to learn to swim well – and […]

Do I need a fence?

Probably not.  Most towns in New Hampshire require a four foot “barrier” around a pool.  If the pool is sitting flat on the ground, the sides of the pool are all you need to keep children out.  Fences are available to add to any pool if you wish to do so – and they can […]