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History, Philosophy & Policies

Seasonal Specialty Stores of Amherst, New Hampshire is an independent, single store offering the highest possible level of products and services to customers living within 100 miles of Amherst, New Hampshire. We provide the most professional, knowledgeable, honest, sales and service staff possible. This allows us to help you choose the best product or service for your needs — and to stand behind it in the future. We can repair a hot tub, re-build a motor, re-felt a pool table, refurbish a cue, replace a liner, repair a filter, and handle a warranty claim on every product that we carry — and many that we do not carry!

By remaining busy year-round, we are able to avoid seasonal layoffs. We keep intelligent staff members challenged, motivated, and interested in their work. We require all sales and service staff to attend at least 40 hours per year of classroom training. Our owners and buyers work on the sales floor, so that you and the rest of the staff have direct access to the most current information.


The history of our store actually has two tracks: that of our actual company, Gull Group; and the chain of stores that used to own us; Seasonal Specialty Stores®.

Gull Group currently operates Seasonal Specialty Stores®. The name Seasonal Specialty Stores® is a federally registered trademark owned by Robelle Industries, our former parent company. Gull Group owns a permanent license to use that trademark.

This store was designed by the former owner, Dennis DiPaolo, who had the entire thing built to his specifications. In the thirty years we’ve been in this location we’ve seen the space around us change drastically, but we’ve never changed. We’ve always been determined to be the best store anywhere, with selection and service that will please even the pickiest shopper.

Our goals for the last 30 years have been, and will continue to be:

  • Provide the best in style, service, and selection.
  • Stay on top of new ideas, products, and services. Don’t rest on our reputation, but earn each customer’s trust in every interaction.
  • Create a staff of honest, ethical team members who help each other grow and thrive.
  • Give back to the community around us.

Keys to the Store

  1. Safety
  2. Service
  3. Sale
  4. Efficiency

How do our actions every day express all of these keys, and always in this order?

Every policy and procedure can be summarized by the four keys to the store. Every decision and every action must be guided by these, and two other thoughts.

  1. Tell the truth. It will always be the right thing to do.
  2. Treat every person the way you wish to be treated yourself.