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Creating Backyard Staycations

Here at Seasonal we believe in providing our customers with only the best, which is why we chose Marquis Spas as our sole brand of hot tubs.  Marquis is a leader in hot tub manufacturing with the reputation for making the most comfortable and easy-to-use tubs.  Marquis is owned by its employees, but run by its engineers, which means their tubs feature the best engineering, best design, and best quality materials.

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These unrivaled tubs have cutting-edge electronics and software that produce beautiful water by automatically adjusting to how much you use your hot tub.  The Marquis difference is in their balanced hydraulics, thoughtful jet placement, attention to detail, quality of materials, and no gimmicks that are likely to break.  That’s why they provide the absolute best warranty in the industry with no fine print.  And you’ll find that their prices are usually significantly cheaper than their competitors with the same quality of tubs!

We believe you should have the opportunity to try out a tub before you buy it; you would never buy a car without test-driving it first, right?  We offer wet tests of any of the tubs we have on the floor, and the magic of our exclusive mood room.

In the mood room we provide you with robes, towels, sandals, and even a shower to use, all in the luxury of a private room with the nicest tub available.  In this setting you can turn the overhead lights off, the spa lights on, and really begin to understand what makes our tubs the best around.

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