We only sell two brands of grills.  Why?  Because they’re the best you can buy.

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Napoleon Grills feature:

  • Infrared Sizzle Zone:  a special burner that creates infrared radiant energy.
  • Jetfire™ Ignition System:  this innovative ignition system ensures a consistent and reliable start up by lighting each burner individually.
  • Wave™ Cooking Grids:  made of high quality stainless steel, the unique wavy design of the cooking grids provides perfectly even heating.

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SABER infrared grills use a proprietary infrared cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference.  The patented 100% infrared system directs airflow away from the cooking surface, which locks in the food’s natural moisture.  This keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well-done.

These grills are built with commercial-grade stainless steel and certified to the highest safety and performance standards available.

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