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Do I need a fence?

Probably not.  Most towns in New Hampshire require a four foot “barrier” around a pool.  If the pool is sitting flat on the ground, the sides of the pool are all you need to keep children out.  Fences are available to add to any pool if you wish to do so – and they can be added at any time.  There are parts ofMassachusettsand more “liberal” states that may require a fence on your pool anyway.  Here in New Hampshire, where we don’t require seatbelts or motorcycle helmets, and the state sells liquor on the highway, we’ll probably never see that type of law.

I’m personally not a big fan of fences around pools unless they are attached to an 18” walk-around.  A fence makes it a little more difficult for a child to get in the pool – and a lot more difficult for an adult in a hurry.  Now you have to run all the way over to the deck or ladder.  Plus, vacuuming, skimming, and putting on a solar or winter cover becomes much more difficult with a fence.  Yes, you can walk on the top rail of a well-built pool, but it’s still difficult to balance.  Walk-arounds cannot be added to most pools after they are built.  If you think you may wish to add one later, you should find out before you build if it’s possible, or buy a pool that comes with one.