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Do I need a permit to put up a pool?

This is America.  You need a permit to go to the bathroom!  I’ll be happy to tell you what you generally need, but it makes no difference what I say.  It only matters what your town hall says.  Call them immediately, and request a copy of whatever their particular regulations are, and follow them.  We will not pull permits for you, and we have no way of knowing if you actually pull one.  However, we are advising you to do so.  The town can make you take the pool down if you put it up illegally.

Generally, the town’s interest is in preventing you from annoying your neighbors, creating a health hazed, and costing the town money.  They will generally want the pool far enough from the lot line so that you can’t splash water on the neighbors.  If it’s an issue, find out if they call the edge of the pool where the deck starts, the pool’s frame starts, or the water starts.  Sometimes if you’re off by inches, that could make the difference.

They definitely won’t want the pool over a leach field, and probably not over a water line, sewer line, or other underground utility.  Here, they’re looking to avoid problems if a utility line ever needs to be dug up.  They may or may not care how close the pool is to the house or other buildings.  Often, they will want to know the installer’s name.

The electrical work is also going to require a permit.  If you don’t get a building permit for the pool, and your electrician does get a permit for the electrical work, you will very likely get caught.