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Avoidable Grilling Mistakes

Nov. 132017

gas grillsCooking on gas grills is a popular hobby in New England. It is a passing of the torch in a sense when you can take over the machine because it is a feeling of responsibility and it is always fun cooking over an open flame. However, before you get too comfortable with cooking your favorite cookout foods, think about what you do when you cook. Do you check the propane, let it heat up, and do everything right? Or do you just think that you are doing everything right? Men’s Health can tell you a thing or two about common grilling mistakes that people can make, especially if they do not cook with an open flame often.




Dirt, Dirt Everywhere

Well, yes, it is everywhere you are outside. Still, pay attention to your grill. Think about it: would you like to cook on dirty pots, pans, and cookie sheets? No. You would be disgusted and wash them immediately. Why shouldn’t the same go for your grill? Your grill, though made of grates, gets cooking spray, food, and sauce all in the crevices of the grates while you cook. It can become sticky and cause your food to stick to the grill despite using your spray. The best thing for you to do is to take a wire brush while the grill is still warm, but not when the flames are on, and clean the grates then add some oil to protect the metal. You don’t want it rusting out either.



Avoid Flare-Ups Entirely

Yes, getting a large flame in your face is nerve-wracking and makes you worry if you will have your eyebrows by the time you finish, but flare-ups are helpful for food on occasion. Now, you do want your flames under control for the most part but an occasional flare-up, as long as you still have relative control, can help add flavor to your meats. Know the differences between a flare up from drippings and the flare-ups of something catching on fire or being in for too long. That is all you need to do. Still, don’t try to move it from the flame unless it starts getting uncontrollable.



Rushing to the Best Part

You just spent about 45 minutes getting the steak perfect from prep to cooking, and you just want to devour it. However, you need to slow down and let it rest. Just like with a pot roast, you want to take the meat off at the right time, so it will continue to cook. Remember your cut of meat and allow for the meat to cook itself to keep its taste and get tender. You also will lose all the juice if you cut too soon after taking it off the grill. Good news is, though, if you cooked a thin steak, you only need a couple of minutes to let it rest.



Bland Seasoning

Salt and pepper is the base of all seasonings. A majority of cooking cannot, and should not, be done without salt and pepper unless necessary. However, if this is all your doing, then you need to step up your spice game because meat has a limited taste on its own and is always better seasoned. Remember that dry rubs do not penetrate the meat. They are on the outside only. Depending on your meat, you can create pockets with peppers, onions, and spices that you want in the meat as you cook. They will infuse with the juices of the flesh. Or, you can add a seasoning on the cutting board. The juices will mix as you cut and you will get some more added flavor to your meat.




Grilling is an excellent time to enjoy the outdoors, family, friends and avoiding heating your kitchen up to 100 degrees. While it seems simple just to throw things on the grill, it does take concentration – just ask Bobby Flay. Remember when you use gas grills to overcome these common mishaps that many individuals run into, and you will be the cookout king or queen of the block.

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