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Benefits of Billiards

Aug. 92017

billiard tablesBilliard tables have been around for years and are in many bars, hotels, and resorts. Pool is an entertaining game, and playing provides some nice benefits. During a typical game of pool, you could be playing for at least 2 hours, maybe even longer. This long of a match, though you don’t feel it, is working out various parts of your body that ensure you are healthy and enjoy more time with the pool stick.

It’s Suitable for All Ages

According to Health Fitness Revolution, one benefit of pool is that it has properties to slow aging. While slowing down aging may seem impossible; pool has the perfect balance between activity and rest. It allows for older individuals to play the game with ease. By slowing down between turns, you are not wearing yourself out, so you can stay active, which helps against aging.


Pool requires attention. Without attention, you can easily lose a shot or miss your turn. In pool, you need to be able to remember the rules as well. The nature of the game is to empty your balls then sink the eight ball. It is a fun game, but like chess, you need to pay attention to traps that you may get into with the cue ball, the balls, and the eight ball.


As we age, we tend to lose our ability to have good hand-eye coordination. When you do sports, your coordination naturally improves over time as you work to focus on making the two in sync with each other. The important thing to remember about this is that it will not happen right away, but it will help you. Keeping focused and allowing yourself to become better at the sport is the first step to improving your coordination.


You may not use math directly, but pool is reliant on angles for individual shots. The more you play with billiard tables, the more you subconsciously see the angles and know how to shoot, which requires working with a part of your brain that you did not think you would be able to use. However, while you do that, you are working both sides of your brain. You need to visualize the angles and also understand what the slightest change will do to your shot. It breaks down the barriers that many individuals have when it comes to an understanding mathematic concepts like angles.

Billiards has been around since the 1800’s, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The game itself is a slow game that could take hours, but it has many benefits without the risk of concussion. Health – mental and physical – is important, so it is nice to know while you step around billiard tables, you are also working your brain.

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