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Gas Grill Maintenance

Oct. 102017

gas grillsPulling out the gas grills is a routine start to designate that summer has officially begun. Still, they can get used whenever it’s safe to, and safety matters year-round. It is important that you remember your grill maintenance to keep it in pristine shape.

While grill upkeep should happen regularly, it is important that you do one good run though before warm seasons so you can start it off right. There are typically four main things that you need to do with your gas (or charcoal) grill on a regular basis so that you know your grill will last.



Routinely Check For Leaks

Checking for propane leaks should become second nature when you own gas grills. If you notice the propane level continually dropping even without the grill getting used, then you should make sure that there are no leaks in the cables. One way to do this is to spray soapy water on the wires and look for bubbles. Where there are bubbles, there are leaks. While it may not always be obvious, checking for leaks takes practice and should be done every month or so, especially if you notice that there is something off about the propane tank.


Cover Your Grill

Covering your grill will help keep it from rusting. Rust is a dangerous thing when it comes to cooking utensils. The last thing you want to feed someone is some flakes of rust. While you may not think of it as a standard maintenance tip, it helps to protect the outside of the grill. Keeping water damage from the grill will prevent condensation from the temperature gauge so you can continue to read the temperature as well as provide essential protection from every aspect of your grill, from propane to the lid.


Clean It Regularly

After every cooking session, you should clean the grill. Leaving bits of food on the grill can cause bacteria to build up and create issues down the line. That is why when the grill is still slightly warm you scrape off any burnt pieces on the grill to get rid of any food particles that may be left. Cleaning your grill should be done on a regular basis.


Discard The Ashes And Clean The Catch Pan Liner

After every use, another thing that you should do is to clean the catch pan liner from any grease or burnt pieces. It will ensure that nothing goes wrong the next time you try to use the grill. Likewise, with charcoal grills, make sure that after the ashes cool, you discard the ashes safely.



Gas grills can make your backyard fun and lively with cookouts that bring family and friends together. At Seasonal Specialty Stores, we can help you find the right cooker for you, so come in and visit us to see why our customers love us.

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