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People and Places

People and Places

People and Places Lots of  high school  graduations this year: Ally and Erica graduated from Souhegan, Eric and Kyle graduated from Hollis/ Brookline, and Jared graduated from Milford High. College plans for them are to attend Nashua Community College, University of New Haven, New England College, UMass Lowell, and a community college in California. College […]

Unidentified Leaks

The majority of people who tell us their pool is leaking are actually not correct. So before you hire an expensive leak detection company, let’s see if we can determine whether there is actually is a leak, and where it likely is. The Bucket Test             To be on the safe side, you should perform […]

What We Did On Your Winter Vacation

It is REALLY difficult to stay in business in our industry, while paying employees year-round. Our competitors normally close for the winter, or at a minimum, lay off almost all of their help. By the same token, we have really good, knowledgeable, professional team members here.  In years like this one, with 2.6% unemployment locally, […]

New Products and Prices

Hardly anything changed in pricing this year, but it’s very likely this is the last winter before inflation comes back.  Do we know?  No.  But we cannot disrupt imports and increase manufacturing in the U.S. without price increases.  For instance, the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum last year increased the prices of pools by […]

Our Seasonal Family Grows a Little More

Patrick had a second son in April: Kellan.  Mother Sylvia and their new baby are doing great.  It seems like only yesterday that a 16-year-old Patrick interviewed for a job here.  But that was almost 20 years ago! There were three graduations this  year:  Morgan, Jack, and Andrew all graduated from Milford High.  Morgan is […]

Patio Furniture News by Ann Auker

One of the largest areas of growth in the patio industry today has been the emergence of the “Outdoor Room”.  Outdoor rooms are no longer the rage, they’re the norm.  It’s a proven fact that up to 75% of consumers use their outdoor areas (patios, decks, porches) as an extension of their indoor living area.   That’s […]

New Patio Vendors

Pride Family Brands Pride furniture features high-end sophisticated, handcrafted, artisan quality, all aluminum furniture.  Each piece is individually made by highly skilled craftsmen featuring hand painted finishes, intricate castings and luxurious plush cushions. We feature vintage dining from their Madrid collection and contemporary seating from the Park Place collection. Yellow Leaf Hammocks This manufacturer features […]

Thanks For a Great Year In 2015

What a wonderful year you gave us last year: our best in our 36 years in business.  We seem to have out-performed each of our industries; and it wasn’t just a matter of good weather!  It was you honoring us with your business, and our great team members working very hard. We have shared our […]

New Products and Prices

Hardly anything changed in pricing this year. A few up, a few down, but really no inflation. We had a few exciting changes in products, though. Two new automatic pool cleaners by Maytronics.  Lighter, much easier to use (top-loading), and the remote control is a smart phone app.   The Active 30 unit is on sale […]

New Trends in Patio Furniture

Many of you may have noticed some changes going on in our patio department in the last year or two. Over the last 15-20 years the outdoor patio industry has changed significantly.  What used to be the norm is no longer the case.  Some of the changes we have made are radical, some, not so […]