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100 Players Brave Blizzard-Grand Slam

Saturday, March 25th, 1995

by The Monk

Over one hundred players showed up in the biggest blizzard of the year to play in the fourth annual Seasonal Specialty Stores MBA Grand Slam. While fourteen inches of snow piled up around us, this field of one hundred put on a show to remember. Jay Cunningham banked the five, then cross corner kicked the seven, then banked the two and ran a long cut shot on the eight to advance to the money in his match with Dave Stoddard. Suzanne Bosselman ran two racks to survive a tough six to five victory over the much improved Don Rittenburg, while Kathi LeBlanc masséed, and banked the eight on a hill hill match with Marrio Grasso. Tim Hurley, meanwhile, ran the rack to take a six to five win and reach the money. Paul Tetreault received a wake up call from twelve year old Derek MaCarthy when this fine young player from Maine ran back to back racks to open the set. Paul then pulled himself together to survive with a six to five win. Jay Cunningham, meanwhile, opened against young Derek with a four to nothing lead only to see this kid come roaring back with four straight wins. The veteran Cunningham was able to win a tough six to five match. Derek is a first class gentleman and is the future of this sport. After two tough losses, he shook my hand and thanked me for a wonderful tournament.

Willie Sipp received the “Sportsperson of the Year” award from The Monk Billiard Academy. This fine player was recognized for his continuous contribution to this sport. Willie works with some of the fine young players like Derek MaCarthy and Dave Perkins. As always, Willie’s players are true gentleman and good sports. “Good sportsmanship is where this game begins” Willie said.

The Monk Billiard Academy has teamed up with Seasonal Specialty Stores to sponsor this classic event. Seasonal Specialty Stores has its main location on Route 101A in Merrimack, NH, and a smaller Pro Shop inside Maxamillians Billiard Hall in Nashua, NH. They feature the largest selection of pool products in New England. With over five hundred cues on hand at the main store, and over one hundred at the Pro Shop, they offer a unique guaranty. If you buy a cue from either location and find it does not suit your needs, you may return it within fourteen days for a full refund. After thirty days, you may return the cue and they will replace it. They also have a two-year service policy available at a slight extra charge, against warping and almost any other repair.

Samsara Cues were on hand to do repair work. Dave Doucette had his twenty five thousand dollar diamond studded cue on display.

The Monk Billiard Academy featured Carol Chiang as the Grand Slam tournament director. We are proud of this brilliant lady and the fine work she had done to take this prestigious tournament to the finals with no problems at all.

Suzanne Bosselman used her custom made Samsara cue to go through the entire field without a loss. She began the tournament with back to back six to nothing wins and then ran over Mike Koneski six to two. Don Rittenburg, on the other hand, battled her down to the wire before Suzanne was able to survive six to five. In that match she pulled off a jump shot on the eight ball. She also ran the final rack. David Jellison was down five to two, against Suzanne and came roaring back to make it a hill hill match. Sue was able to win the final game to move on. “When I found out I was playing Suzanne,” David said, “I could not sleep all night”. Chuck Casella was next. He fell six to two. This set up the match between Suzanne and tournament sensation Mike Yamauchi. A see/saw battle developed with Suzanne running out the final rack to win the set. She then had to wait for Bobby “Lucky Roll” Lucas to clear the tournament to reach the finals.

Bobby lost his only match to Mike Yamauchi. “If Suzanne can beat him, I can beat him” Bobby said as he prepared for this important match. Bobby did prevail and all of a sudden he was face to face with Bosselman. Bobby sat by and watched Sue run out five racks to win the set six to one. “I gave everything I had in the Yamauchi match” a dejected Lucas said.

Suzanne is known for her deliberate style of play. She is relentless when her opponent makes a mistake. She stalks the table and studies it from all ends. You squirm in your chair and wait for a chance that never comes. She left a trail of bodies all across the Grand Slam. In fact, five of her victims were so distraught they lost their next match. “I get my training at The Monk Billiard Academy” she said. “I rely on good rolls, and I work hard at the Academy on my game. This is the greatest feeling, to win The Grand Slam. I can’t describe it.”

Kathy LeBlanc, the only other female in the tournament finished in ninth place.

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