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A Great Story

Monday, August 25th, 2008

You may have read in the papers that Naji Hobeika was cutting a pizza across the street at the Amherst House of Pizza, when he saw smoke coming through the ceiling. He shut down his ovens so the firemen would not get hurt, and evacuated his family to the parking lot next door. Knowing that the customer who ordered that last pizza has diabetes and needs to eat on a regular schedule, he delivered the pizza. Then, he drove back to his family to watch his business burn to the ground. How do I know? I was that last customer.

I don’t know if Naji will re-open. It’s a tough time to own a restaurant right now, and more than fifteen competitors have opened on this road in the past ten years. There are three Dunkin Donuts within the walking distance of a middle-aged fat guy! I’d hire him if I needed help, but I don’t. However, if you could use a really smart, really hard-working guy, with the temperament and customer-service skills that I just described, give me a call and I’ll get you together.

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