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Blow-up Pools

Monday, August 25th, 2008

That’s a kind of pool, not what you want to do when the water is cloudy! We found a source for Intex blowup- pools and supplies. The trick has been to find filters that actually circulate a decent amount of water considering that you can’t run the filter when anyone is in the pool. Actually, you could if the skimmer was safer and the electrical hook-up was legal, but people who spend $200 on a pool seem to be highly resistant to putting $600 into legal electrical work.

So, we now have pretty good filters, skimmers, vacuum sets, and an exclusive upgraded pool package with a filter that is three times as strong as the basic filter with five times the capacity. We also have American cartridges that we sell for the same price as the big box stores get for their Chinese cartridges. Except Chinese cartridges last about two weeks, and the American ones last all summer.

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