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Certified Pool & Spa Award

This summer, we received awards from poolsearch.com and spasearch.com as a Certified Retail Store for hot tubs and also for swimming pools.  We were nominated by a major manufacturer.  An independent auditing company interviewed vendors, did a ton of research, and asked us to submit photos, records, proof of education, and lots more.  You can read more on their web sites.  It means that they are willing to recommend us to consumers who are looking for an honest, quality pool or spa store.  It’s a pretty big honor, and there are only a few Certified Retailers in all ofNew England.

And finally, we replaced the fish that had been stolen from the ladies room. It took EBay to find more, because you don’t find things like that at Home Goods – at least we couldn’t.  However, we left no stone unturned in our quest.