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Don’t Panic. There’s Still 2 ½ Months Of Summer Left

by Dennis DiPaolo

Seriously.  Think about the weather the last ten years.  I do.  Our business is like a farm – the weather affects our day, week, and year more than the economy or even competition.  And here’s what I see – our weather is running six weeks late now.  It’s still winter in March.  It snows in April.  May is cool and rainy.  But it is still hot in August, beautiful in September, and still swimming weather (with a solar cover) in early October.  We even have customers with heaters swimming past Halloween.

So don’t give up!  Put on your solar cover, or add a bottle of Therma Swim liquid solar cover, and keep on using your pool through September.  You’ve done the work of opening and maintaining it, so get some use out of it!

To make the best use of your patio at night through October, get a patio heater, a wood or propane fire pit, or even an outdoor fireplace.  We have them all: atable-top heater for only $97 (#4950) on clearance, a full-sized one  for only $397 (#7995), and fire pits that are really nice to sit around, talk, and look at the flames:  from $ 147 to $797 (#7995) and (#7961) on clearance sale.

Ticks and mosquitos bothering you?  We now have the World’s Best Screen House!  An actual solid cedar structure with a Canadian snow load rating that means you can keep it up all year long.  It features a steel roof, polycarbonate skylight dome, sliding fabric privacy screening, and mosquito netting.  Finally, a structure that is much stronger than the ones that you have to take down before a storm, but costing less than the $20,000 structures.  Way less, as a matter of fact:  $3697 (#3971) on clearance.  Come see it.