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Extend Your Summer

Nights tend to be cool in August, September, and October; while the days are beautiful.  Want to spend more time outdoors with friends and family?  We have answers.  Propane patio heaters easily heat a 20 foot circle while you sit and talk; on sale from $299.97 (#6838).  Smaller ones will sit right on your patio table and heat everyone around the table.  Clearance priced for $99.97 (#4950). 

Way better looking:  wood and propane fire pits and fireplaces for all sorts of prices:  $149.97 to $499.97.  Even a giant propane or natural gas fireplace on clearance for $2,497 (#6638).  The best thing about the gas units:  instant on, instant off, no fire permit, no smoke, beautiful, controllable flames! 

Mosquitoes eating you alive?  Our portable Skeeter Vac does not need electricity.  You know how electric ones don’t seem to work?  That’s because a mosquito trap has to be way away from where you are sitting.  Because they ATTRACT mosquitoes.  So a fat lot of good it does you plugged into an extension cord on the house! 

Our propane Skeeter Vac clears 1½ acres of most mosquitoes.  Put it away from where you sit.  Turn it on, and it works three ways.  The pilot light is blue, to attract them.  It generates small amounts of CO2; just like a person breathing (that’s how mosquitoes find people).  The bait stick gives them another scent they like, and the bug bag collects them for easy disposal.  Just turn it on and forget it!  A 20 lb. propane tank will last about three weeks, running 24/7.  On clearance for only $299.97 (#6832).

Want to keep your pool warm?  our Space Age Solar Blankets by Target keep your pool 23% warmer than even premium quality solar covers, and last three times longer!  Or Therma-Swim liquid solar blanket – just pour it onto the water’s surface.  Only half as good as a real solar cover, but 1,000% better than a real solar cover folded up in your garage because no one remembered to put it on the pool.  What is it?  An alcohol carrier that spreads a layer of paraffin on top of the water one molecule thick.  Does it hurt anything?  Go back and read the previous sentence.  The alcohol evaporates after it spreads out the paraffin – and it is only one molecule thick!  It doesn’t insulate, it reduces the  phase change from liquid to gas – it prevents evaporation.  And your pool evaporating causes heat loss, just like rubbing alcohol cools your skin when it evaporates.  You can not see it, touch it, or see a residue.  It is not in the water, it is on the water.

In a hurry?  Get an Aqua Comfort heat pump; the most energy- efficient way to actively heat a pool.  It uses the latent moisture and heat in the air to heat your pool water.  And, Aqua Comfort makes the most efficient heat pumps for use north of Virginia.  Our weather is different from the southern United States.