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Future Projects

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

For about a year now, Cyndi and I have been working on a giant upgrade to our website.  Well, I tell her what I want, and she actually does all the work! Anyhow, it will probably be another year before we’ve finished our current plan, but it’s already way more helpful to you.

She’s already finished sections on Policies and Philosophies, plus all new Buyer’s Guides, References, Store Tour, Employment Applications, Chemical Advice, New Pool Owner Help, and much more.  We have easily 80% more material than we had a year ago.  Have a look around at www.seasonalstores.com.

Pool Schools are in a transition.  Tod, Patrick, and I are working on all-new Powerpoint classes.  You will probably see some of them this year, and the rest next year.

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