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Green Solutions

We are working hard to reduce our carbon foot print and to help you do the same.  We are extending our recycling program from our side of the building to yours, with a new recycling center built by Victor for our customers in the store.  We are aiming at recycling over 90% of our waste stream – if you help.  We have found a local Boy Scout troop that needs buckets for their winter fundraiser – delivering winter sand to local homes.  So, we will pay you 75¢ each for a clean empty chemical bucket with its lid.   Qualifying buckets are 23, 25, 40 and 50 pound containers of Target™ brand chlorine and balancing chemicals.  We’re not charging you a deposit; we’re just paying you so we can give the buckets to the Scouts.

We will also be listing in the store which chemicals waste the least amount of packaging because they are full strength.  If you only have to use half as much, you only need half as many containers.  That is always better for the environment, and always costs you less in the long run.  Generally, watered-down or discount products are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to use.  As a really big store, we carry both.  We want it to be easy for you to tell the difference.

We secured a grant to be a test building in a study by the Jordan Institute to improve energy efficiency.  In Level One, we proved to be so efficient already, that we are close to an Energy Star rating.  We are currently exploring a Level Two study to determine changes to bring us into the top 10% of stores in the country.  The results of the study done on our building will be used to teach the Public Utilities Commission and other retailers throughout the state how to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings.  More on that to come.

Our new, extra-large reusable grocery bag is admittedly a little more expensive than the ones at the grocery stores, but ours is bigger, cuter, and all of the money from their purchase goes to local charities.  Take a few home with you.  They show that you have great taste and you care!