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Helping Our Community

Our Bloodmobile last August was a tremendous success. The Red Cross stayed two extra hours and turned people away! Thank you for supporting it. Now the Red Cross understands what our customers can do, they promise to double their staff for this year’s Bloodmobile on August 19, 2005. Once again, we’ll give away gift certificates, prizes and the best food of any Bloodmobile in New Hampshire.

Our store raised the most money and had the best turnout of any location in New England for our Family 8-Ball Tournament in January for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Our winning team even went on to win the finals and a slate pool table!

Jeanne and I decided to turn over all of the money brought in through the sale of our logo merchandise (not just the profits, but all the money) to local charities. So, pick up a can cooler, a tee-shirt or a swim ring and it’s just like you gave all the money to charity and got the item for free! We’ll keep adding new items as I get caught up on my work.

Our adopted platoon from our local National Guard Unit, C Co. 3/172 Mountain Infantry-3rd Platoon, came back from Iraq last month. They are all alive, healthy and looking forward to getting their lives back together. We are so happy to see them. We thank you all so much for your help in raising money to send them gifts from home: Halloween gift bags, Christmas trees and presents, sun block, candy, a microwave and much more.

The guys sent us a thank-you last summer that is much, much more than we deserve. They are the ones who deserve the biggest thank-you in the world. Nevertheless, they sent it and we can accept it only if it is not just for us, but for all of you who helped our fund-raising; whether directly or even indirectly by buying the products that make us the profit that allows Jeanne and I to give back.

So anyhow, the guys sent us the flag that flew over Camp Anaconda in Iraq on the Fourth of July last summer. They signed it as a thank you and had the parents and wife of one of the soldiers present it to us. For me, it was the most remarkable and humbling experience of my life. I thank all of you, our customers, for your support that allows us to do what we do here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!