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Helping Our Community

Last year, we received a motor scooter as a sales reward from one of Jeanne’s vendors.  Apparently, the entire company conspired to hide it from me until the company Christmas party, when they gave it to me as a present.  We then donated it to Bridges, the agency in Nashua that helps battered and abused women.  They auctioned it last fall.  They do very important work.  You can learn more about them at 
 or link there from the Charities section of our website.

Another very important website to visit is climatecrisis.net.  Not a charity in the usual sense, but a very important place for our entire planet.  I know that many people feel that global warming is just a theory, like gravity and evolution.  I certainly do not wish to disparage their beliefs.  However, if you are not a believer, it couldn’t hurt to just look.  In fact, I’ll lend you my copy of An Inconvenient Truth for FREE just so you can decide for yourself.  It’s available right in the rental department of the store.  And you can borrow it for FREE.

We’re trying to do our part.  Jeanne and I are changing over our home and parts of our store from incandescent or halogen lighting to compact fluorescent. Here’s the deal for you: a 13 watt compact fluorescent bulb will give you the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent.  A 23 watt will give you the same as a 100 watt.  A compact fluorescent will last ten times longer than an incandescent.  That’s 75% less energy, and 90% less landfill.  Each regular light bulb that you replace with a compact fluorescent will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide going into the air every year.  Not only is it better for the environment, it’s way CHEAPER in the long run.  Just look at photographs of Alaska, Greenland, Canada, the Antarctic.  Look at what they looked like for 5000 years, until 5 years ago.  An Inconvenient Truth has plenty of them.  Then you decide.  We did.