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Jeanne E. Larssen 1956 – 2015

Jeanne was a descendent of the Coffin family, which came to the United states on the Mayflower and settled on Nantucket.  She grew up in Braintree, MA, and attended Salem MA State College.  She met Dennis in July 1981, and they both knew immediately that they were meant for each other.  They were married 33 years.

In the 1980’s Jeanne worked as a model, contract monitor, secretary, vacuum cleaner sales person, decorator, store manager, insurance sales person, and janitor.  In 1989, she and Dennis bought Seasonal Specialty Stores in Nashua from their employer, and took it independent.  Jeanne was the President, Decorator, and Furniture Buyer.  Later, she and Dennis founded CSO Realty LLC; a commercial real estate investment company.  In the early 2000’s, she began to reduce her presence at Seasonal; opening the LifePath Energy Healing Center in Wilton, NH.  She became a Level III Reiki Master, a Certified Reconnection® Practitioner, and a Tong Ren Leader. Her path went from business and finance to the spiritual.

She bred and showed Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.  One of her puppies was rated among the top five Boston Terriers in the United States.

Jeanne also volunteered at the Community Hospice House for several years, before becoming caretaker to her father; guiding him through a stroke, cancer, dementia, and death.  During and after, she guided her younger brother, David Larssen, through cancer, psychosis, cancer again, and his death.

Jeanne has a very loving family with many cousins; plus beloved friends in many worlds:  neighbors, business, dog breeders (especially of Boston Terriers), and the spiritual world.

To all, she is beloved for her outspokenness, sympathy, charity, empathy, honor, honesty…. and, ok, stubbornness.  How often have we heard someone say, with tongue in cheek “Jeanne, tell us what you really think!”

Her favorite charities were those that empowered women in the undeveloped world: Women for Women, FINCA, Heifer International, The Fistula Foundation.  She developed a powerful faith in reincarnation; which kept her strong in her final days.  Those days are described at www.CaringBridge.org.  Input Jeanne Larssen at the visit prompt.  Her belief was that she’s been here before.  She chose to live this life to learn a lesson – possibly patience.

And she’ll be back.