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New Policy Pays You for Algae

Among our customers, we find two very different types. One type finds their pool to be a lot of work. They’re constantly fighting to keep the pool and the water clear. They think it’s normal to get green or cloudy water once a year. It seems to cost them a fortune. The other type enjoys their pool. It’s easy to maintain, they never have any problems with the water. They even spend a little less than the first type, but in slightly different places. The differences here are no secret to those of us in the industry. You take care of a pool properly, or you don’t. This is so obvious to us, we’re going to guarantee your water quality–for FREE. Our new Take It Easy™ Program is designed to make your pool care much easier—or we’ll pay you to fix it. We don’t care what chemical system you use as long as you use it properly. The details are on page 3, and if you sign up now, we’ll give you a winterizing kit worth way more than the registration fee.

You have nothing to lose. We’re gambling plenty here, just to prove to you how easy pool care can be.