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New Products and Prices

Hardly anything changed in pricing this year, but it’s very likely this is the last winter before inflation comes back.  Do we know?  No.  But we cannot disrupt imports and increase manufacturing in the U.S. without price increases.  For instance, the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum last year increased the prices of pools by 5%.  It’s not just imported metal that went up – the American producers raised their prices as soon as the Chinese metals went up.  Fortunately, most of our products (except pools) are plastic!  We replaced the supplier of our economy-grade pools in order to keep those prices down.

My advice this year is to buy now, because there is nothing I can see in the future that is going to bring prices down.

We are stocking two new gazebos this year.  The Canterbury at $3898 on sale in the Hot Tub department, is similar to one that we carried for several years.  But the Valencia at $2498 on sale is REALLY cool.  It’s a pergola with a sliding slat roof for shade when you need it, and to allow in sunlight when you don’t! Take a look at it on the Outdoor Patio.

We have an exciting new pool care system this year, by Oxygen Pools.  It uses an ozonator to destroy all bacteria in the water, plus an oxygen-based back-up chemical for the water.  That’s right – NO CHLORINE! You don’t even test chemical levels because they are so low; so their test strips check for actual bacteria, which in the end, is why we use chemicals at all!  And, unlike every other “easy” system on the market, it costs about the same as a hard-to-use chlorine system.

We have stepped-up our Automatic Pool Cleaner offerings with the most modern technology.  Our S Series by Maytronics features longer warranties than their Active Series from last year.  And we now have four cleaners in that series from $479.98 to $1198.98 on sale.  The new M Series from $799.98 to $1439.98 features better warranties, better looks, top loading for easier handling, plus, the M400 and M500 have an additional fast-turning brush on the bottom for the best scrubbing action of any pool cleaner.  Oh, and did I mention Bluetooth remote control from an app on your smartphone?  You have to see these to believe it. And all of these new cleaners are better than last year’s versions, but the same price!

We have a new liquid solar cover in quarts, that is much less expensive and more convenient than the Solar Fish or Therma Swim.  Depending on the size of your pool, it will cost about half as much per summer!  Worse for us; better for you.

Our Giant Golden Goose is destined to be the hit of the year in the pool toy area, for only $39.98 this month. Just what it says – a giant golden goose!  We also have a new version of the Giant Swan (the Kardashian favorite) but now with LED lights inside: the coolest possible look at night, for only $79.98 this month.  We are stocking two new cartridge filter systems for large above ground or small inground pools.  An American one for $559.98 on sale, and a Chinese one for only $479.98 this month.   Bioguard has a new, stronger shock: Burn Out 73, for only $47.98 a case, on sale.

The Patio department has a great LED light that fastens to your umbrella for lighting the whole table in the evening. Plus it has a great-sounding Bluetooth Speaker!  Only $118.98 this month, and it may be my favorite accessory this year.

Our newest vendor in the patio department this year is Malibu Outdoor Living, who manufactures outdoor furniture made out of 100% recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles.  Using this incredibly versatile material reduces pollution and waste in our nation’s landfills.  And, it lasts practically forever!  Malibu is manufactured in Rhode Island and is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products while utilizing the finest eco-friendly materials available.

But, the item that makes me the most proud: The Larssen patio furniture Collection by Telescope Casual.  Yes, they named their newest collection after my late wife, and put it on the front cover of their 2017 catalog.  It has a large aluminum frame, with a look that could be modern/Scandinavian (her father’s family is Norwegian). But, give it warm, stuffed soft cushions, as Ann and Mia did on the set that we are stocking, and it is warm, comfortable, and traditional (her mother’s family came over on the Mayflower).

Jeanne was very well liked and respected by the people at Telescope.  For many years, she was their outside consultant on colors and fabrics.  This is actually their second memorial to her – the first was a tree they gave me to plant next to our house.

Telescope has priced their new Larssen furniture very aggressively for something so nice, and we have priced it even lower. I intend for it to be a Best Seller. So try it out.  Forget who it’s named after.  Buy it because it’s soft and beautiful.  Just like Jeanne.